the urban fairy...

Oh yeah,
since no long time ago,
I’ve met a girl
that sunshine lights blows…
she lives
with pink butterflies
and in her curly hair
I wanna die...

Oh yeah,
when she furrow the alleys
the street lamps start shining,
the sadness keeps running…
I said:
She would be my girl,
the green of her eyes
returned me the faith

Coz she is
the perfect mix between
the sweetie girl
and the night queen
of my dreams...
and we will be
a pair of smiling dreamers
just enjoying
of our piece
of life’s gift,
I will survive

Near the girl
of the wet leather jacket,
the sun in her mouth,
my heart in her drawer
coz when I see
her face and her lips
I feel like drunk without drink

She is
the happy-rock-girl,
sugar with absinthe,
a ganja green field
where I stay
to sleep and think
that I wannabe
inside her skin

Oh yeah,
just one year ago,
I researched your bowels,
the biggest treasure I’ve ever found…
we started
a forbidden love,
hiding from people
but fucking our souls…
once upon a time,
you and me…

but a plane
throw me far
from our story
starting to live
in the loniless city…
and I sank
into a never ending story
and the melancholic
of her absence,
always cloudy days,
no sunrises in hell…

far from the girl
of the wet leather jacket
there are no birds,
no flowers, no sunsets,…
coz when I left
the heat of her presence
the winter stole all my wishes…
far from you,
my happy-rock-girl,
a rainy present,
a nightmare each day
where I fell
to miss and rewind
to the moments
that together we were…

but yeah,
less than a month
I will be at your side,
we will build a home
for years,
centuries for both,
now and forever
we will be together
coz this world
was designed for us…

for the couple
of wet leather jackets,
the urban fairy
and the king if the six strings
coz when at last
we will be one
any god will break us…
coz we are
the happy-rock-youngs,
two free phoenixs,
the masters of rock
and I’m sure
of just one thing…
we’re gonna feel…
we’re gonna dream…
we’re gonna fly…
together you and me…

(n.d.a: lamento cualquier error, me defiendo con el inglés, pero bueno... acepto correcciones)

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